Reminder: Don’t Miss This Holiday Deal From Starbucks


The other week we ran this post to let you know about a special upcoming offer from Starbucks. We wanted to remind you that the special offer for half off a freshly blended frappuccino will be available on Monday, December 5 from 2:00 PM until participating Starbucks shops close that evening.

This awesome discount offer will be available to Starbucks loyalty members. You will not need coupons or to make an additional purchase in order to take advantage of this super special deal. Just go to Starbucks on 12/5 and order the delicious frapp of your choice (that’s ANY frapp you like)!

Deals like these do not come around very often at Starbucks, so be sure to take advantage of the offer while it is available! While you are at Starbucks on December 5, be sure to check out their awesome selection of uniquely decorated mugs, delicious coffee blends, holiday treats, and much more. These items make excellent holiday gifts for any java junkie you know! Starbucks shops even have Starbucks themed gingerbread houses that you can purchase and assemble. Tesvana shops should also be participating in the discount offer, but you may want to check in advance to ensure that they are offering a special discount too.