Save Yourself Money In Heating Bills With This Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Heating bills can get very expensive in the winter when the weather gets cold! Did you know that you can save yourself some money by using bubble wrap window insulation? It’s true! Bubble wrap can simply and easily be used in place of a window insulation kit! You really can’t beat the cost either. Today, we will tell you how to insulate windows with bubble wrap, a little bit of water, and a pair of scissors thanks to Knowledge Weighs Nothing.

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation Supplies:

  • Bubble wrap (enough for each window you wish to insulate; larger bubbled bubble wrap seems to insulate best)
  • A spray bottle with water in it
  • Scissors or some sort of slicing device

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation Directions:

Measure your bubble wrap to fit the size and shape of the window/s you wish to insulate. Next, cut off the excess bubble wrap. Then, spray water over your window to adhere the wrap to it. Place the bubble wrap on the window with the bubble side facing the glass.

You can easily remove the bubble wrap by pulling it gently. It can be reused for several years, which makes it extremely cost effective (especially if you can get your hands onto bubble wrap for free!)