Wanna Know The Trick To A Delicious FREE Seven Eleven Slurpee This Month??

Diet Coke Cherry Slurpee

How would you like to receive a FREE slurpee at 7 Eleven throughout the months of January and February?? If the free Seven Eleven slurpee  sounds like a great offer, then read on! Right now, you can get a FREE small sized slurpee at your local 7 Eleven every Saturday in January and February. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must download the FREE 7 Eleven 7Rewards App on your mobile phone. Once you have downloaded this free app, just scan the app at a 7 Eleven shop each Saturday throughout January and February to get a FREE slurpee or two.

A Delicious FREE Seven Eleven Slurpee This Month

When you take advantage of this offer, you can choose any slurpee flavor available at your local 7 Eleven! There are a variety of delicious slurpee flavors to choose from! When you download the 7Rewards App, you will receive other special offers and deals in addition to this slurpee freebie offer. These offers will become available throughout the year. For example, after 6 beverage purchases your 7th beverage purchase will be FREE! You can even get a FREE cup of coffee every Wednesday throughout the month of January with this great freebie app. Download the 7Rewards App today to begin receiving your awesome freebies at 7 Eleven shops near you!