Extreme Coupon Clipping Tips For Any Busy Mom!

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Extreme Coupon Clipping Tips ANY Busy Mom Could Use

Busy moms often feel as though they don’t have enough time to invest in extreme coupon clipping and organizing!

While it is true that extreme couponing can be a time-consuming process, it does not have to be!

Here are a few quick tips for extreme coupon clipping when time is short.

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  • Tip 1: Get your children involved! When you are pressed for time but want to coupon, it can be helpful to get your children’s help! They can clip coupons or help your organize your coupons. An added bonus is that explaining the benefits of couponing can teach your kids valuable life lessons.
  • Tip 2: Make a plan before you go shopping. Have your coupons organized and ready to go with a concise shopping list in hand. Many a couponer has wasted time flipping through coupon booklets in stores, or attempted to match coupons to products. Save yourself the wasted time and the hassle and invest a bit of time before you shop.
  • Tip 3: Create a couponing plan. Determine where you find the most beneficial coupons for your family (on a certain website, in coupon booklets, etc.) Go to your regular coupon sources and skip the coupon providers that consistently disappoint. Having a couponing plan will help maximize your time.


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