Mothers Day Savings Tip | 3 MORE DIY Painted Flower Pots


Painted Flower Pots
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Source: MomAlwaysFindsOut

You Don’t Have to Be Mom-Of-The-Year to Make These Thumbprint Painted Flower Pots With Your Kids!!

Mothers Day 2017 is just over 2 weeks away! Now is a great time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your mom. Or, perhaps you are going to be helping your grandchildren come up with a special gift for their mom. Today, we are sharing a neat idea that makes a great spring or Mother’s Day project!

A really nice thing about this project is that children can help. Check out this DIY project for painted flower pots.

This butterfly thumbprint art requires just a few supplies including a terra cotta pot, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a black paint marker, dishes for the paint, and your thumbs! We found this awesome DIY project on the website Mom Always Finds Out. Be sure to check out their website for other fun family-friendly projects!

How to make DIY painted flower pots:

Gather your supplies (terra cotta pot/s, acrylic paint in your favorite colors, paintbrushes, a black paint marker, dishes for the paint)

Begin by drawing the black body of a butterfly on a terra cotta pot with your black paint marker. Don’t forget the head and the antennas! Next, squirt a small amount of paint onto a plate or into a paint dish. Choose whatever colors you like, but keep in mind that you are creating butterfly wings.

Then, dip your thumb into the paint and gently press it around the drawn-on butterfly body to create butterfly wings. You can continuously use the same paint color for one butterfly or mix it up and use other colors.

You can also mix it up and use yellow paint to add bumblebees to your pot. Simply use yellow paint and dip your thumb into the paint and place it on the terra cota pot.

Once the paint has dried, draw on small antennas, wings, and tiny eyes with your black paint marker.