DIY Savings Tips | DIY Projects With Kids – Starry Night Lights

Starry Night Lights
Source: MomAlwaysFindsOut

Are you looking for a simple buy awesome project to complete with your children? If so, you have to check out this DIY Starry Night Lights projector!

This DIY night light makes a great addition to any child’s room (especially those who are interested in the solar system or even Star Wars)!

You, a DIY Crafting Super Mom With This Starry Night Lights Project From

Today, we are going to tell you how to make this Starry Night Light projector that was created by the ever inventive and awesome Youtuber, Nicole B (owner of MomAlwaysFindsOut).

Give it a try for yourself and get your kids involved!


  • An empty tissue box (square boxes work best)
  • Thumbtack
  • Battery operated tea light


Starry Night Lights Project From 1


Starry Night Lights Project From 2

1) Take your thumbtack and punch holes all over the empty tissue box.

Starry Night Lights Project From 3

2) Next, place your battery operated tea light inside the tissue box.

Starry Night Lights Project From 4

3) Then, turn your tea light on and all the other lights off. Enjoy your awesome Starry Night lights projector!

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