We’re Looking For Writers

We have a lot of exciting changes coming to the site and one of them is a new blog section where our readers can write for us to make extra money!

We’ve got free samples and freebies covered, so here’s the topics we’re looking for

  • Savvy shopping tips
  • Frugal living
  • Financial advice
  • General money-making ideas

More Info

  • All articles must be 100% written by you
  • All articles must be 400 – 500+ words long. We reserve the right to make any changes to articles including fixing grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Right now we’re hiring 2 official writers to write 1-2 articles per week.
  • You can also write a piece for us by being an unofficial writer. For unofficial writers only if we use your article for our blog, I’ll pay you via paypal. For unofficial writers, you can submit 1 per week.

What do we pay?

As our site continues to grow, we’ll be able to pay more, but right now we are paying $6 via paypal for 400 – 500+ word articles.

Okay sounds good, now how do I apply?

If you’re applying to be a writer send a sample of your writing (6-8 sentences) using the form below with writer as the subject. If your submitting an article for unofficial writer submission, you use the form form below too, just put unofficial as the subject and the 400-500+ word article in the message.