Homemade Yogurt

With granola, topped with fresh fruit, sweetened with honey, on a sandwich, mixed with chopped garlic and cucumber, or for replacing milk in baked goods.  These are just a few ways you can use plain yogurt. It’s no wonder that yogurt is growing in popularity.  It is delicious and great for your digestive system.  But like so many things that are good for you, especially those growing in popularity, it is expensive!

Is our family going to forgo yogurt simply because it is expensive?  May it never be!  Today’s experiment: Slow Cooker Yogurt.


  • 1 Slow cooker
  • 1 Measuring cup
  • 1 Half gallon of whole milk
  • 1/2 Cup plain active culture yogurt without added flavors, sweeteners, colors, etc.
  • Towels


  1. Dump the milk into your slow cooker and turn the cooker to low.  Leave it this way for two and half hours.  Tack on an extra 15 minutes if you’re using a 6-qt slow cooker.
  2. After the 2.5 (or 2.75) hours, turn off and unplug the slow cooker and leave it be for three hours.  This allows the milk to cool to the proper temperature and incubates the yogurt.
  3. Once your three cooling hours are up, remove about a cup and a half of warm milk from the slow cooker and dump it into a bowl.  Add the 1/2 cup plain yogurt and whisk them together.  Pour the mixture back into the slow cooker and whisk it into the warm milk.
  4. Put the lid back on the slow cooker and cover it with towels.  This will keep the mixture warm while it incubates.  Leave it alone for five hours.  If you enjoy really tart and supposedly better for you yogurt, let it sit for eights hours.  I’m okay with the five, thanks.
  5. Finally, scoop out your yogurt into containers of your choice.  It will be thinner than store-bought yogurt, but it’ll thicken up when chilled.  You can try it right away, but who wants warm yogurt?  I’d leave it in the fridge for a while before enjoying.

Make sure to put 1/2 cup of your homemade yogurt into a separate container so you can use it to make your next batch.  I always forget this step and have to buy more yogurt at the store, thus negating the cheapness factor. This recipe is SO simple, cheap, and makes a ton of yogurt.  It’ll last up to ten days in your fridge.  You can use the plain yogurt as a healthier substitute for sour cream and cream cheese in many recipes.  Also, make yourself a healthier breakfast by blending fruit, yogurt, and sweetener and ice for a smoothie.  Your body and wallet will thank you.