Budgeting Tips

When I was single, money was not important to me. Oh, yes, it was important in that I knew I needed it to pay the bills and eat. But I didn’t care about it enough to keep track of it or make sure it was getting distributed properly among all my needs. I know I wasted a ton of money during this time because I just did not care to pay attention to where my money was going.

But oh how things change when you get married. Not only do you start caring about where your money is going, but start a focus on savings and deciding which areas of spending are most important for the collective you. Enter today’s experiment: Budgeting.

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Eating Less

How do you save money in your food or restaurant budget without cutting out your favorite ingredients or more pricey …

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Cloth Wipes

This is a companion article to my previous one about using cloth diapers. Today’s experiment: Cloth Wipes. For me, this …

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