Shopping Savvy

Hey frugal shoppers, since the dollar is harder to come by these days, you sure want it to stretch as far as it can go. Here’s some shopping tips to consider when heading out to purchase clothes for yourself and the kids.

First off, always shop the sales. Places like J.C.Penney’s, Macy’s, and Kohl’s have huge sales ranging from 15% to 30% all the time, but towards the end of each season these sales get bigger and can range from 50% to 80%. Don’t let the fashion police rule smart savings. These style items can be worn well into other seasons too and beyond. By sales, I also mean those department stores you wouldn’t consider shopping at normally. While mass merchandisers like Target and Wal-mart carry low cost clothing items year round, other department stores hold great sales too. This does includes higher quality clothes like Dior, Sag Harbor, Polo, Gap and so on.

Another good tip to consider  is to sign up for each department stores circular ads. Have them either email it to you or send it to your mailing address. This way you will always be in the know when clothes go on sale and can plan accordingly. Here’s an FYI, as a smart shopper myself, I recently visited Kohl’s and bought three work shirts, two pairs of pants, and a bra which under non-sales shopping would have cost well over 150 dollars, but by shopping the sales I got out of there for $46.00.

Hey, you’re also in charge of your own fashion trend. If you like a certain piece of clothing and know you’ll get good wear out of it, go ahead and purchase more than one.  Be smart though, buy only what you know you will wear. Don’t let something sit in your closet for months on end. Making purchases you don’t wear waste money and remember you’re a smart shopper.

Shopping sales is one of the biggest keys to stretching your dollar. You can look great for a fraction of the cost.