Recycle to Save Money

Nothing says frugal living like recycling. In these days of economic woes, more and more people are turning to recycling or re-purposing to cut back needless spending. Giving life to old things not only saves money, but it teaches you how to become creative and make due with what you have or truly need. When you recycle, you’re actually sharing in keeping the very earth you live on less polluted by curbing the things you’d normally throw away. Less goes into landfills and things like furniture, glass, plastics, and paper can be used in new ways.

Plastic bags you get from the grocery store can become trash sacks. Paper can be used for packaging materials or storing. Glass can be used to make counter tops. Old furniture becomes new again with a few paint tweaks and knobs. Think about all that money you are saving by not spending.

Don’t let your friends kid you, it doesn’t mean you’re a miser if you re-purpose or recycle. You’re going to live a better life style because you’re setting yourself up for financial success. Taking back the money you would have spent and settling it into your back account is not only frugal, but a smart way of living.

Frugal doesn’t mean you can’t make purchases either. It just means you’re going to weigh the pros and cons when adding material things into your home. Ask yourself, “Do I really need that 45 inch plasma TV? Or can I find something of that works just as good for less? Do I really need this or is it just a want?”