Blood, Sweat & Tears…..Well, Maybe Just the Blood

Freebies can be found in all places! Just this past week I noticed my city’s Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center was having one. This seemed odd to me as a place where I could find a freebie but checked it out nonetheless!

The email stated all you had to do was donate a PINT of blood (which is the normal amount) anytime in August and you received a coupon for a free PINT of Blue Bell Ice-cream!

I know sometimes being on email lists from all these different companies can get annoying but it is worth it occasionally to glance them over to find deals. I was glad I looked at this email from the Blood Center because I was already planning on donating blood next month. But since the deal was for August I made room in my schedule the following week……because I love freebies and I love ice-cream!

It was very easy to make an appointment and the website was simple to use. I created an account with them, which only took a second, and signed up for a timeslot. My center is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm.

My mother and her sisters, who are also big bargain hunters, laughed when I emailed this deal I participated in. But I thought it was great! Most of the time with discounts or freebies you turn in a coupon at the counter or something similar and get that rush of finding a deal, but with this freebie I was able to do something good for others by giving blood AND receive free Ice-cream. As I was sitting in the chair giving blood I updated my Facebook status with this information! I felt great the rest of the day!

The Blood Center mentioned they do this every August so you better believe I have it on my calendar for next year! I also learned you can give blood every 56 days. Just might add this to places I volunteer.

Check your local Blood Center for their deals!