Ways to Stay in Shape on a Budget

With the recession, more and more people are forced to budget and many luxuries are eliminated. But, it there is one thing you should never sacrifice, it’s exercise. With these simple tips, you can keep in shape and not break your budget.

1. Get outside: You don’t need a gym membership to get a good workout- everything you will need is right outside. Cardio can be done by walking, running, jogging, or cycling in a free park or in your neighborhood. You can also run up stairs or bleachers at a local ball friend or use outdoor exercise equipment at local parks like tennis courts or basketball hoops.

2. Use what you have: Try equipment-free exercises like pushups, pull ups, crunches or triceps dips on a chair. Find free video websites on youtube.com or other exercise based sites. If you prefer to lift weights, buy a used set or find alternative weights at home. (milk jugs, water bottles, or canned foods)

3. Buy a fitness DVD or rent one from your local library or Netflix: Yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing, zumba and more can all be done right in your living room. If you’ve got the space, make it an event and invite work out buddies over and turn exercise into fun with your friends.

4. Buy used equipment, closeouts, or overstocks: Shop garage sales for used fitness equipment or weights or check online sites for inexpensive close out pricing on fitness gear and apparel. Invest in good quality items that will last for months to help with your budget. Make sure you invest in the few essentials—a good pair of running shoes, workout shorts, and any other miscellaneous gear you feel like you need.

5. Work out with a friend: If you have a hard time motivating yourself at home, find a buddy who will help commit to it or join a running or cycling group in town.

6. Get organized and moving: Organize a team or join a recreation league like softball, baseball, or soccer. Check with your Parks and Recreation department to find out local information of leagues in your area. If your town doesn’t have leagues, consider starting one or play free pick up games at your local park. Other ways to get moving are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the back to go to the grocery store or mall, or start biking to work instead of driving your car.

7. Clean to burn: Every house has maintenance or cleaning that needs to be done. Turn cleaning, mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, or even weeding into a workout. Put on some music and see how fast you can get it down.