Save On Family Photos

When it comes to having family portraits done by a professional, it can cost a small fortune. You have sitting fees, developing fees, and
fees if you want a particular color or pose. Why pay all that money when you can have a great family portrait taken, with a bit of patience and a willing family member or friend.

The whole key to capturing that special moment is planning. Do you want an outside photo, a photo by the fireplace, or just a relaxed
pose with the backdrop of a favorite spot? However you want your family photo captured, plan ahead by asking a family member or friend to take it for you. By doing this you’ve already saved hundreds of dollars.

The one who is taking your picture doesn’t need to be a professional either. With all these different types of disposable cameras out
there, focus and click you’ve got a great picture. You might have a friend or family member who owns a camera and who’d be willing to use it to take your families picture. Offer to purchase the film for the one taking the photos.

Plan on taking several shots, with different styles of clothes, so there will be a selection to choose from. This way if mistakes do
happen, like blurred photos or closed eyes, you’ll have several others to pick through.

Now a days you can browse the photos taken, before you purchase them. This will eliminate cost as well. Most digital cameras come equipped with memory discs which you can then take to a photo developing store where you slide the disc into their photo shop screen. You get to preview the photos or make specific selections before purchasing. Once you select what you like, click that option and in no
time you have the exact photo you want for a family portrait.

While it’s always nice to have the work of a professional done, the budget doesn’t always allow for it. Be willing to let the frugal side
of self explore other possibilities. You just might be surprised what a little bit of patience can get you.

One other possibility is that you can develop the photos yourself via your own photo dock and  copier. The only expense here will be the cost of photo paper and ink. So before you go and pay hundreds of dollars for a family portrait consider other options. You’ll be glad
you did.