Different Uses For The Newspaper

The next time you purchase a newspaper don’t be so quick to toss it into the recycle bin. Your holding in your hands a multi-useful product there. There’s more to a newspaper than the news. You have a package filler, drawer liner, craft paper, wrapping paper, cat box paper, birdcage liner and so on. Talk about a money saver. There are so many useful things you can use a newspaper for.

Package Filler:

We all send out packages from time to time. Instead of buying expensive packaging materials, shred your newspapers up and stuff the
package with them instead. If there are breakables, carefully wrap what’s breakable in a whole piece of newspaper a few times and spread the shredded paper around each item you’re sending. Inexpensive and a great way to put money saved into other practical areas of your budget.

Drawer Liners:

Sometimes due to the age and condition of drawers in cabinets, cupboards, or chest of drawers lining is needed to hide imperfections
or flaky material, so why not use newspapers to line them with.

Yes bugs might be drawn to them, but if you keep the drawers clean and rid of any food which might draw bugs to the drawers, you wont need to worry. Give them a cleaning at the end of every week and replace them ever so often you’ll have no worries.

Craft Paper:

Who hasn’t done a Paper Mache project? So often in school, particularly in the grade schools, projects are done which require newspaper. So save your papers and recycle them for school projects or art.

Your kids will enjoy cutting out pictures, cartoons, sayings and so on from the paper to create their own art work. This is a good activity for rainy days or inclement weather days. So don’t be so hasty to throw out the newspaper, instead save them for your kids creative needs.

Wrapping Paper:

Lets face it, sometimes it’s hard to find just the right type of wrapping paper for those occasions when a unique gift needs to be
wrapped. Why not use the funny pages of the newspaper as your wrapping paper, or if you have a sports fanatic use the sports pages.
If you’re giving a gift to someone who is a shopper then perhaps the ads pages will do.

There so many cool and inventive ways to use the newspaper as wrapping paper. What’s even better, you wont need to rush out and spend money on purchasing wrapping paper if the occasion allows for this type of gift wrapping. Put the money you would have spent into your piggy bank for another occasion.

Cat/Bird Liners:

If you’re an owner of a cat or bird and hate spending money all the time on litter or liners then use your newspapers for these. Shred up
the newspaper like you would for packaging and fill up the cat box with shredded paper instead of clay litter. Yes, you wont get to let
it sit for a few days, but you wont need to be spending money on cat litter either.

For your birdcage, every time you clean it out, line the bottom of the cage with the newspaper. This is so easy and cost effective. Besides your bird isn’t going to be picky that’s for sure.

If you don’t want to reuse the paper in your own home for anything, then think about donating them to paper drives or schools who recycle. They’ll earn some money doing this and the students will be saving the planet by learning to be green by reusing what is at hand.

However you want to look at it, the newspaper has many benefits besides keeping up with what is going on locally and around the world. Don’t limit yourself to the above suggestions either. If you can find a way to reuse a newspaper then do it. Save your money for those times you truly need cash for something.

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  1. it is great mulch for gardens, and you can use it for lasagna gardening which is supposed to minimize weeds naturally

  2. Those are wonderful ideas. I was thinking about the garden, but forgot to mention it. Thanks for sharing those ideas with us.

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