Frugal Romance

Whether you’re making plans for some romance on Valentine’s Day or just a special night with your honey, planning for romance doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few low-cost (or perhaps even no-cost) ideas for some frugal romance with your sweetie.

Stay In

Sure, it’s fun to get gussied up and go out to eat or perhaps to a movie, but when the funds are low it may not be practical or responsible. Instead, plan to stay in for a romantic evening. Rent a romantic movie on DVD or a new release you both want to watch or choose something from Netflix instant if you have it. If you want to go even cheaper, browse your local library’s DVD offerings or look over your own DVD collection for a movie.

Order Chinese takeout, pizza or another favorite food or make a home cooked meal together as a less expensive alternative.  Dress up anyway, even if you’re staying in–it can make the evening more fun and special!


A date doesn’t have to be expensive, after all, the important part is spending time with someone you care about. If you and your honey enjoy nature, plan a hiking date. Check around your area for state or national parks that have free or low-cost admission hiking trails. Pack a picnic lunch and several bottles of water then set out for a fun and inexpensive date.

Window Shopping

Spend some time holding hands and window shopping for an inexpensive date night. Go to a local mall and just walk around, looking and enjoying time together. You don’t have to buy anything unless you decide to stop and share a smoothie at the food court.

Scenic Drives

Choose a gorgeous afternoon to enjoy a scenic drive together. If you live in an area with a nature preserve this is a great option for driving. As an alternative, choose a local area that has beautiful scenery and just drive. Enjoy the time and talk and it will only cost gas. Who knows? You might end up at a great destination you had not planned on!

Cheap Movie Date

If you decide to see a movie for your date, it is possible to do so on a tight budget, but you need to know a few tips. First, check with your local theater about days of the week that offer cheap ticket prices.

In my area, All movie showtimes on Monday through Thursday are a reduced price. In addition, matinee prices are in effect on weekends for showtimes before 6 p.m. Who says a date can only happen on a weekend or after 7? If you and your honey don’t mind sharing, go for one large drink and popcorn to reduce the price on concessions, or simply skip the snacks and plan to eat at home before or after the movie.

It is possible to enjoy some romance and time together with your significant other without blowing your budget. Take some time to think about some activities you both enjoy and how you can make them free or inexpensive then make it happen!

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  1. My husband and I like to go bowling and at certain times throughout the year, our bowling alley has specials. For instance, during the summer, they had $0.75 games on Mondays through Wednesdays. We had our own shoes so this was very cheap, but at many places, shoes only cost a dollar or two as well.

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