Other Uses For Socks

My house seems to suck up socks like there’s no tomorrow. They disappear into some void and are never seen again. When it comes to matching up socks, I often have unmatched socks just hanging around with no job to do because the mate has taken a hike. Not only that, but my 13-year-old son seems to be able to wear holes right through the heels and toes of his socks. These two scenarios always leave stray socks and what the heck are you supposed to do with an old sock? Here’s what I do with stray socks.

Can It Be Mended?

Sometimes a sock with holes can be patched and mended. Cut a patch out of another sock then sew it over the hole to give the holey sock some more use keeping a foot warm. I have found that the easiest way to mend a sock is to slip a plastic Easter egg into the sock then sew on the patch.

Make A Cold Soothing Pack

Fill a non-holey sock with rice then tie or sew the end shut. Store it in the freezer and it’s a great little deal for a headache or other boo boo. I keep a few of these in varying sizes in the freezer.

Cleaning Rags

Cut up old socks and use them for rags. They are great for cleaning up spills, washing dishes, dusting and generally cleaning up a place. If they get too messed up, just toss them. You’ll have more socks to take their place.

Wrap Up For Packing Away

You can use old socks to protect Christmas decorations or other fragile items when you pack them away. Slip bud vases into socks to store them away in boxes. You can also slip small kids’ shoes into large adult socks to protect your suit case when you go on vacation.


I have cut up colored socks as clothing for my daughter’s dolls–most specifically her Barbie dolls. Add some ric rac, a button or two, some ribbon and you’ve got a high fashion hit. A sock just need to have a neck hole and arm holes cut to be a great Barbie dress.  Cut the ankle off of the sock to create a skirt.

Other toys for kids and cats can be made from an old sock–make a puppet (my kids love to go wild creating a sock puppet) or add some cellophane and tie the end shut for a crinkly cat toy.

I keep a plastic bag under my bathroom sink just for extra, unmatched socks. When I need one I just grab and make use. They can save a few pennies and help you make use of something that would normally be thrown away.

6 thoughts on “Other Uses For Socks”

  1. Sock puppet? Also, I used to have hamsters and they love to hide in them or sleep in them. Just cut the toe end off and they love it

  2. the cold soothing packs can also be used as heating pads if you put them in the micro wave. Just be careful you dont put them in too long and burn yourself. And if you dont like the smell of the rice heated you can put a dab of perfumed oil on it to make it smell good!

  3. I add catnip to the sock and tie one or both ends closed (depending on where the hole was). A cheap catnip toy for my cats and they love it!

  4. Why can’t people just wear non-matching socks? I think it looks great! Another way of recycling though I do like the idea of cutting out a patch and sewing it over a hole.

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