Romantic Meal On A Budget

If you’re like most working class people today you don’t have enough free time to spend preparing a romantic meal for your sweetheart. You could spend a small fortune taking your significant other out, but then you might break your budget for the week. So why not stay in and prepare a lovely dinner in about an hour for less than twenty five dollars.

Stouffer’s makes a wonderful tasting Lasagna for about $12.00. If you shop around you’ll probably be able to find it for cheaper than that even. It’s rich sauce and meaty taste packs all the deliciousness a homemade lasagna. The only difference is you’ll not be spending all your time in the kitchen to prepare this romantic meal.

To go with your Lasagna purchase a premixed salad mix of different lettuces and greens. Top this off with your favorite salad dressing and you have the perfect accompaniment to serve with your lasagna. Add a few pieces of garlic bread and your meal is complete.

For less than twenty five dollars you have the makings of a romantic meal to serve to the one you love. This is the season for love and affection, so set this meal up with love in mind.  Arrange your place settings with your best dishes. Bring out you best wine glasses and service a rose tea or vino. Use what you have on hand to add to the occasion.

If you have enough money left over, purchase a bag of heart shaped candies to spread on the dinner table. Stop by a discount flower shop and purchase rose pedals. Start from the front door to the kitchen leaving a trail of petals to direct your loved on to the love feast.

With a little imagination and a delicious meal, who knows where the evening will end you. Nothing says love better than being well fed physically and emotionally. It’s well worth a twenty-five dollar investment, even on a budget, to treat your love one to a romantic evening.

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