5 Money Saving Tips for Book Lovers

I love a good book but unfortunately, those things aren’t always cheap. If you’re like me and love to read, here are a few of my favorite ways to enjoy this educational hobby without busting the budget.


This is my first and foremost tip. As the daughter of a public library director and a President of my library’s Friends of the Library organization, I’m all for library services. I can get free access to books instead of having to buy them, or if I actually want to buy a specific book, I can take a look at it for free before I buy it.

In addition, most libraries hold regular or seasonal book sales of discarded books. I have found amazing deals on good condition books at my local library’s book sales. These usually require a lot of digging though, as quite often the books are only loosely organized or not organized at all.

Thrift Stores

I have found some of THE best bargains on books at my local thrift stores. I have actually been amazed at some of the titles I’ve run across and the prices–between 10 cents and $3-5 can’t be beat. Generally, the organization isn’t always the greatest at thrift stores in my local area so searching for great deals is definitely like a treasure hunt.

Yard Sales

If you are into book shopping at yard sales, making an offer on a bundle of books may save you some money. If the price is 50 cents per books, bundle several together and make a lower offer. When I hold a yard sale myself, I’m interested in making money but I’m generally more interested in getting rid of stuff.

Used Book Stores

In my area, there are used book stores that will exchange books. If you have a few paperbacks you no longer want, take them in and exchange them for paperbacks you haven’t read.

Book Swaps

Plan a book swap with some friends or relatives as a great way to get some new books and maybe clear out your book shelves. Contact fellow readers and set up a time and a place to swap books you no longer want or need and get some books you’d like to read in exchange. This is a great idea for children’s books.

My local homeschool group holds an annual curriculum swap during which families can buy and sell used homeschooling books. This is a way to make a little cash, pick up some discounted books and clear out shelves.

3 thoughts on “5 Money Saving Tips for Book Lovers”

  1. I use paperbackswap.com and swap.com Both are really good sites for trading books. Free except for shipping! And a great way to get rid of older books of yours, if you do not have the room to store them.

  2. There are free online book websites, like Project Gutenburg (http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page), which posts a lot of the classics. All you have to do is Google “free online books” to find these sites. Google Books also posts many books online, and “Internet Archive” posts many books, including ones that are older, more obscure and out of print. I’ve found some rare or otherwise prohibitively expensive geneaology and history books posted on this site too. (http://www.archive.org/details/texts). If you are interested in religions, philosophy or mythology and folklore, then Sacred Texts (http://www.sacred-texts.com/) would be worth a visit.

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