Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion

Ever shop around for a certain type of lotion and couldn’t find it? Then again you might have found what you were looking for, but the cost was more than you were willing to pay. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you create your own “Do It Yourself” scented body lotion.

Start with an unscented lotion base. You can buy inexpensive, unscented lotions at stores like Walmart, General Dollar, Walgreens, or the Dollar Tree. If you want to purchase larger quantities of unscented lotion base directly from wholesale distributors online, online distributors like can send the lotion base to your home.

Next select the desired fragrance. Essential oils, like lemon-grass, lilac, rose, tea tree, lavender and many others are great selections for lotion. These are inexpensive compared to buying actual scents and adding them to lotion. Some places which carry essential oil on-line are: Essential Wholesale or Eden Botanicals. Whole Foods, Health Food Stores, and most Bath and Body Stores carry them. Keep in mind when using essential oils it requires only a few drops, so over a long span of time they’ll pay for themselves.

If you’re adding extra textures such as Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and Olive Oil, these products can be found at most retail shops, such as Walmart, Drug stores, Beauty Supply Stores and don’t forget to shop those Dollar Stores which carry a lot of these items too.

Mixing The Ingredients:

Start by blending the essential oils with the lotion base. This needs to be mixed thoroughly. If the lotion base is too thick, try heating it up for a few seconds in the microwave, then add in the essential oil. Depending on what other textures are added to the lotion, such as the cocoa butter or shea butter, these might need to be slightly heated up as well. The point of doing this is to make sure the lotion is completely blended with all the added ingredients. Once this is done, let the lotion cool and become thick again.

Once satisfied with the lotion’s scent, selecting a container to keep it in is the final step. You might opt to use the bottle the unscented lotion base came in or you might want something fancier to house the new scented lotion.

Any container store carries a variety of shapes and sizes of bottles to choose from. Don’t forget to shop around before bottling the lotion. Dollar stores carry containers as well, which would work just as good as purchasing containers from expensive container stores.

Making lotion after the initial investment is far cheaper than purchasing lotion monthly or every few months. Also a perk in making your own unscented or scented lotion is, you control what ingredients go into it. So if you’re the type who wants to save money on body lotion, make it yourself.

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion”

  1. I have made my own hand/body lotion for years. I use lotion, vit E, shea butter, petroleum jelly (creamy), lanolin. The scent is VERY light as I do not add a scent. Sorta smell like shea butter but VERY light, so it never overpowers and other scents you may want to wear. No need to apply often it lasts all day, I put it on after a shower – legs, arms, body – and still feel soft at the end of my day.

  2. I have never thought about that. I have done different things but never thought of making my lotion. That is awesome. I am going to try this and share it with my daughter and in-laws, along with all my family. I have 5 sisters so defiantly will be sharing with them. boderbunny, I like how you have made yours. I get lotion and it seems that none of them want to stay on all day, plus I like the idea that it does not overcome you so that when I use my perfume everyone will smell it, not a mixture of both because that could make me smell funny. Thanks Sample Stuff and boderbunny for the great idea. I will be making some soon. (**)

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