Brighten Up Any Room For Cheap

Here are a few little things you can do to brighten up any room in your house for cheap.

Living Room

  • Paint! A coat of paint warms up any room. If you do a little shopping around, you can find some decent prices on paint. It will require time, but the finished product will improve the room.
  • Wall art. Nothing makes a room more bland then bare walls. You can go as cheap as you want, or spend as much as your budget allows. I personally love to make my own.
  • Change the small things. Swap out your current accent color for something bright and bold. It updates the room immediately. You can do this by swapping pillows, changing the curtains, or with the living room rug.
  • The cheapest fix…open your blinds or curtains. Allowing sunlight in makes an instant improvement, and gets rid of that stale air feel. Crack a window. I know it’s not actually a decorating tip, but it makes a big difference in the feel of a room.
  • Slip Covers. Furniture isn’t cheap! By putting on slip covers, you get the same feel for a fraction of the price.

Dining room

  • Change out the tablecloth, or placemats. This is my instant gratification project. You can literally change the look of the room, in 2 minutes by using this tip.
  • Change the centerpiece. Another instant gratification.
  • Change out the curtains for something light and sheer to give you an open, airy feel, Or go with a bold solid for a more cozy, romantic feeling.


  • Clear off those counters. Even if you just put away a few items you don’t use on a regular basis, that change alone brightens up the kitchen.
  • Add a plant. This gives the room a lively feel and a kick of color.
  • Display your serving utensils in a vase. Not only does this free up some space in your drawer, it gives you function and easy access.


  • Swap out those curtains. For a $15 investment at Target or Walmart, you can transform your room.
  • Change your bedding. You can go as cheap or an pricey as you want, but this will change the entire look. I like to find bedding for the summer in the winter and bedding for the summer in the winter when it’s on clearance. This saves a lot of money, plus when the seasons change I can get a whole new look.
  • Paint or wall art. I recommend not going with something too “Busy”. You sleep in this room, after all. 🙂
  • Paint that old dresser, or vanity. A coat of paint on old furniture gives the piece a while new life.


  • Get rid of those floor mats. I know we all grew up thinking that tank covers and those toilet horseshoe rugs were the way to go. It’s a hard mindset to break. Getting rid of those will brighten the room and make it look cleaner. PLUS, those rugs trap germs and odors. Getting rid of them will cut down your cleaning time as well.
  • Change those display towels. I only buy one set for display. A total cost of $10, and it changes the look and feel of the room.
  • Paint. Again, a coat of paint updates any room, and for the return you get, it’s the cheapest improvement.