Simple Ways To Start Saving

You know you need to tighten that financial belt, but it can be hard. Here is an easy way to get started on your path to a spending/saving lifestyle that can benefit any budget.

First off, use cash when shopping for ANYTHING! By using cash, you are much more aware of the amount you are actually spending.

  • Set your limit before you leave for your shopping trip.
  • Only withdraw the amount you’ve planned for.
  • It’s worth spending the time to shop around, if you end up spending less.
  • If you have a coupon, use it. It will help you stay under budget and get a better quality item.
  • Wait! Give yourself a day or two before buying. This helps to avoid “spur of the moment” spending.
  • If you have money left over,  either put it aside and save it, or apply it towards your next purchase. See below:

You shopped for a new set of dishes. Your budget was $50. You found a set on sale, and had a coupon, and only spent $32.

$50 – $32 = $18 leftover

Budget for new running shoes is $60

You already have $18, so all you need to do is add $42.

If you can, I really suggest saving what you have left after your shopping trips. You will be amazed how quickly it adds up. We have a large vase next to our fireplace, and all leftovers, and change go in there. We like using that as our family fun fund, once every few months.