Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner and you want to celebrate it in a unique way this year. The budgets a little tight, so what special things can be done that shows mom how much you care?

A tried and true approach can be to start breakfast in bed. Moms love being pampered. So find out what her favorite breakfast is and set about creating a “Mom In Bed” breakfast. While dad is in the kitchen putting the breakfast together, the kids can be setting the mood for the first part of Mother’s Day Spa Experience.

Save the gifts and cards for later in the evening, but approach her with some flowers. Fluff her pillows, give her coffee (or the drink of her choice), then each take a turn telling mom why they appreciate her. Think of something she’s done for you where she might have made a sacrifice of her time or wants. The more personal you can make it the more she’ll appreciate that you remembered and cared.

Once breakfast is over give mom some time to read the paper, (which you brought to her) or if she prefers to have some quiet bath time, fill the tub up with her favorite bath scent and bubbles. Set a glass of orange juice or another cup of coffee on the side of the tub. Let her lose herself to the silence of the moment.

Be sure she has her robe handy, so that when she’s through she can slip into it. Put a surprise in her pocket though. Maybe her favorite chocolate or favorite nail polish, something which will bring a smile to her face.

While mom is taking her bath or reading the paper you can be planning her lunch surprise. This would be a great time to plan something she doesn’t always eat, but enjoys it when she does. Make it truly a family time and set the table with the best dinnerware. Mom’s are worth the extravagance of using the best China in the house. Once lunch is planned, set about as a family(minus mom) doing her daily chores. Mom isn’t to do anything this day but be looked after, catered too and told she’s loved.

Give mom the remote, let her have the best seat in the house (usually dad’s chair) and tell her she has control over the television. It may mean you make a huge sacrifice and have to watch girlie movies or talk shows, but she’ll appreciate your sacrifices.

When the chores are done and lunch is ready go get mom. She’ll be pleasantly surprised when she sees a nicely set table and her favorite dishes prepared for her. Pull out her chair for her and give her a kiss on the cheek. These may seem like small and insignificant gestures, but she’ll love the fact you did it.

Once she’s seated, fix her plate for her and make sure she has something to drink. Keep the conversation around the table lite. This could be the time you give mom her Mother’s Day Cards. Be creative with the thoughts you’ve written inside.

If you’re good with words, write her a special poem or you could create a coupon of sorts for some activity you could do for her when she needs a rest. A “Redeem this coupon” when you need the dishes done, or the bathroom cleaned or something specifically geared towards a job she does around the house.

For the end of the day celebrations, this could be where you splurge just a bit and take mom out. A lot of the eateries will have discounts on meals because it is Mother’s Day, so try to find an establishment which does this. If mom loves wine, get her have a glass, if she loves dessert let her have it.

If you really want to surprise her, have flowers and chocolates delivered to her at the table. You can shop around before hand for the chocolates and flowers, then have the waiter bring them to her once she’s eating her meal. Again a lot of candy stores and flower shops have special deals because it’s Mother’s Day.

Now that the evening is winding down and you’re back home, fix mom her favorite night time drink. Present her with her Mother’s Day gifts. They don’t need to be bought ones, they can be made, but make them special, something uniquely related to you and her.

Some ideas for gifts could be a back rub, a foot massage, a drawn bath, these are good gift ideas for small kids to do. The important thing is reminding mom how much she means to you. Life is a lot simpler when moms know that the sacrifices she makes for her family doesn’t go unnoticed.

Mother’s Day is the one and only day mom’s get to be recognized for being a mom. So however you celebrate it, do it right. Make mom the center of your universe on her special day. You can give mom the best day ever without it costing you an arm and a leg. She’ll love you for it.