Make Mother’s Day a Real Family Affair

What is a mother? She’s the female head of a family and so much more. Often, she is the glue that binds a family together. What better way to celebrate that than by bringing the family together to honor her. This doesn’t have to break the bank either if you do a little planning and share the costs amongst all the family members.

Family Pot Luck

Whoever has the biggest house is the party host. Everyone else brings a dish to share and some sort of accessories: napkins, plastic silverware, homemade place settings and so on. Coordinate the dishes so you don’t end up with just desserts (although that might be fun too!).

Family Cook Off

If your family is a little on the competitive side, host a cook off. Pick a dish like baked ham or chili and have everyone bring their version. If mom has a favorite dish, everyone could make their version of it. Then spend the afternoon sampling the wares and voting for the best. You could even pick up an old trophy from a second-hand shop and decorate it to reflect the occasion.

Family Game Night

Have everyone bring a board or card game that the family loved to play when you were all kids. Each family can bring a snack or drink to share. Clear off the dining room table or set up some card tables and spend the evening remembering the moments that brought you close as a family years ago.

Photo Fun Night

Everyone should bring photo albums of the pictures they have of the family over the years. A good mix of childhood through the present will get people laughing, talking and remembering. Don’t forget to include pictures of the grandkids now in the family so they don’t feel left out. And mom will be reminded of all that her family has weathered and shared over the years. A nostalgic time is good for reminding someone of all the good they are responsible for in the world.

Family Portrait

Round everyone up and agree on a dress code. Make an appointment with a photographer. The chain stores offer these services if you can’t afford the cost of professional independent photographer. Gather on the appointed day and have a few family portraits taken. One with mom, dad and the kids, another including the grandkids and maybe one with mom and just the grandkids make a lovely display on her wall of memories. Everyone can chip in so the cost isn’t too bad; make sure mom doesn’t pay for any of it. Anyone who wants copies for themselves, pays for their own.