Free Tub O’ Towels Sample


Click here to visit the Tub O’ Towels site and you’ll be able to request a free sample. In case you’re wondering what it is, according to their website:

“Whether you’re at home or on the job, let Tub O’Towels do the work for you. At 2x the size of regular wipes, they’ll knock out grease, tar, ink, paint, and other tough messes with No Water Necessary. Tub O’Towels contains lanolin, aloe vera & vitamin E so they’re gentle on your hands too.”

35 thoughts on “Free Tub O’ Towels Sample”

  1. acting very on the try a sample thing on the left and the form appears but disappears right away

  2. I need a strong towel.No matter what you pay when you clean hard they tear up.These look tough and it is wonderful that they won’t be so hard on your hands.Thanks.Hope I get to try them.

  3. I had no trouble at all. I just clicked on the click here and it took me straight there. I did not click on free sample it had the sign up form on your right at the bottom and sighed in and it said my Tub O’ Towels will be here in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Good Luck and Thanks for the Tub O’ Towels. (**)

  4. Looking forward to seeing how my fiancee can use these in his line of work… Automotive restoration! 🙂

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