Couponing With the Kids

So, you’ve decided to start couponing, but those shopping trips take a tad bit longer when you have the kids in town. If you’ve been shopping with children, you know that they tend to get bored. When they get bored, it’s typically not much fun for anyone.

Why not get them involved?

I decided that I’d put together, a coupon system for my girls. My little girls have been couponing with me, for years. They are only 6 and 7 years old. They are sitting right next to me, each Sunday afternoon, putting together their little lists, and coupons. When they are finished loading up their little folders, I putting them in the front of my coupon binder, and I give it to them at the start of our next shopping trip. They have a blast locating the items on their list, and matching coupons with them.

Here’s what I do:

Find a heavy duty file folder. I really like the legal sized folders for this project.. Inside of the folder, create pockets by cutting out squares of construction paper, and taping the bottoms down OR staple a 9 pocket clear protector sheet into the file folder along the fold of the folder. We use the clear 9 pocket sheet. It makes the coupons easy to see. Attach a small notepad (Shopping List) to the front inside cover. Now let your kids go wild decorating their very own “Coupon Binder”.

If they are old enough to read, pick out coupons for the items they are responsible for. Have them make their list, and put the coupons in the pockets. If they are too young to read, they can make a picture list. Cut out pictures from ads, and use a glue stick to attach them to their shopping list. This can also help with number association. On their list, write a “1” next to the shopping list item in the first pocket, a number “2” next to the second, and so on.

When you’re doing your shopping, they can shop right along side you, crossing off each item, as they find it. When you get up to the checkout line, encourage your kids to watch the total go down, as the coupons are used. This gives value to the coupons, and in most cases, excited your child for the next “Money Saving” shopping trip, instead of dreading being pulled along for the ride.