Making Your Own Baby Food

If you are a parent, I’m sure that making your own baby food has crossed your mind. What detours many parents is the intimidation factor. You have to buy that expensive baby food puree machine. You have to find a ton of small containers. What if you’re homemade baby food isn’t as nutritious as the store bought? And then there is the “Time” factor. I’m going to walk you through each of these concerns, and hopefully, give you the confidence to give it a try.

That Expensive Baby Food Puree Machine.

Let me begin by saying that I have never faced a baby food that NEEDED such an expensive machine. I actually opted for a VERY cheap blender. I bought it at Wal-mart for $5. It was the bottom of the barrel, and it worked great for both of my girls. It pureed everything I threw at it. There is no need for anything more than this. Now take the expense factor out of the equation. What’s next?

Those multiple containers.

You’re right. Those containers can really add up, and it’s often hard to find them that size. Here’s an even better option. Ice cube trays. Yes, I’m serious. After making your baby’s food, pour them into ice cube trays, cover with plastic wrap, and stick them in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer them to a Ziploc bag and label it. This works great. When baby is ready to eat, simply remove a cube or two, and allow to defrost. This helps you to be aware of proportions, as well as being very convenient.

The “Time” Factor.

Believe it or not, you can make ALL of your baby’s food for the next 2 weeks in as little as 20 minutes. I would bake most of the fruits and veggies, before adding then to my blender. I was able to put 3 cookies sheets of fruits and veggies, in the oven for 10-15 minutes, and Viola! I had enough baby food for 2 weeks easily. All I had to do, was puree them in the blender, pour into the ice cube trays, and freeze.


Making your own baby food is not only cheaper than buying it, it’s also better for your baby. When you make your own, there are no additives added to provide a long shelf life. There are no questions, about if the products used in your baby’s food, was of the best quality. You know what you are using, and it doesn’t include any additives or any old produce. Making it at home IS the healthiest option.

Here are a few tips for making baby food:

– ALWAYS use the best quality fruits and veggies.
– Always label your Ziplocs with the name of the contents, and the date. Once something has reached the 3 month date, toss it.
– If preparing meats, boil them first. This process will remove fats, and make pureeing easier.
– Once your baby is on juices, you can use the ice cube tray to freeze juices. Just add a cube to the Sippy Cup, or bottle and add water, for diluted juice on the go…

I know that thinking about making your own baby food sounds a little intimidating, but with these tips, you go into it, feeling confident.