Frugal ways to earn money for Community Projects

There’s no better way to earn money for the community than to get people involved. This lessens the load placed on city funds and it spreads out the cost of events so that no one person spends to much money. Here are a few ideas any person raising money can try.

Box Suppers:

This is an old fashion, but fun way to draw the community together for a great cause.  Each contributor to this event creates a meal and dessert for four. Then in an appropriate sized box the meal is placed and then decorated for bidding on.

At the site the event is being held, all the boxes are placed up front and are bidded on, the box one win is the meal they eat for the evening. All the proceeds raised goes towards your community.

Community Garage Sale:

A newspaper ad in the local paper announcing donations towards a community garage sale to raise money for the town/city, with a drop off site for donations is the start. Then you’re going to need volunteers to help price and watch over the sale as this is bound to be huge!.

Hold this event over a weekend when the locals or bargain hunters are out and about. Price to sale items. Have items situated in categories, this will make selling easier and organized. The day of sale, have your volunteers equipped with an apron to hold change and money and sales receipts.

All the money raised during the sale goes towards the community for building projects or projects which the whole community will benefit from.

Car Wash:

This is a great way to get kids involved in doing something for their community. See if some car wash company will donate a day for this event. Have each volunteer bring old rags and buckets.

Create signs which say car wash for the community or list a specific community need the car wash is raising money for.

Divide the volunteers up into sections, pre-wash, washing, rinsing, and drying. This way the car wash will move quicker and more efficiently.

Have a specific donation in mind when setting this up and make it known at the beginning of the car wash. Once the event is over all proceeds again go to the community.

Volunteer Services:

This will be set up with the city for specific jobs the community can volunteer for. The community volunteers their services, but those companies asking for help will make a donation for those services rendered.

The services provided could range from delivery, washing windows, taking out trash, cleaning up parking lots, picking up trash, cooking, cleaning offices and reading to the elderly or kids at local libraries and so on.

All monies raised is funneled right back into the city, for community projects.

There are limitless ideas when it comes to raising money. The whole key and success behind fundraisers is to assign a responsible person to get them together. Have a person in charge over the fundraisers, assign one person to oversee the money, then have a specific community need you’re raising for and deliver the money to the person in charge of that need.

When a community comes together, volunteers and donates this always alleviates stress and frees up money so your city/town can get those jobs/projects done which they’d not have the funds to do. This is community frugality in action, but everyone gets to be involved in it.