Types of Thrift Stores

There are many types of thrift stores and each can be useful when trying to trim the budget. Let’s take a look at different types of thrift stores and what they offer.

Goodwill and Salvation Army

These thrift stores are run by companies with a nationwide presence. Goodwill sells gently used and even some new items, adding new merchandise daily. They focus on clothing for all members of the family, housewares, appliances and furniture. The proceeds from sales go to help provide job training and job placement assistance.

Salvation Army

Like Goodwill, Salvation Army provides used merchandise that has been cleaned and checked. Among the items they offer are clothing, furniture, household goods, sporting equipment, books, electronics and much more. Proceeds from their stores also go to help assist those less fortunate by providing rehabilitation services to adults.

Privately Run Thrift Stores

Most communities have some of these stores. They may be set up by religious or social service outlets with proceeds going to help a specific cause such as battered women, the homeless and other groups. They tend to have slightly lower quality merchandise but are still worth a look. The product range usually includes clothing, toys and housewares.
“Antique” Stores

I say “antique” stores because very few of those using the word antique in their name really have antiques. What they do have is second hand stuff. Much of it falls into the collectible category which is not necessarily bad. You may have a set of china that needs a few pieces replaced. This is a good place to look. They also get an abundance of things like books, silverware, drinking glasses. You can usually get a good price on these types of things.

Used Books

The used book store is a town’s little treasure. Eventually, copies of even today’s top 100 books will end up on its shelves. You can find the classics, old westerns, scintillating romances and books on just about every hobby or area of interest imaginable. Some offer a trade in policy where you can swap your books for certain books they have. Many bookstore owners have contacts and can help you find that out of print or hard to find copy that was your favorite as a child. You can get excellent books at pennies on the dollar from a used book store and better still, thy may buy them back from you when you are done.