Shopping The Clearance Racks

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Anyone that has ever gone shopping after a holiday or just before a season change, always notices the growth of the clearance section. The once, one isle of clearance is now three isles, several end caps, and giant sections in the clothing department.

This is the PERFECT time to shop for Christmas gifts, next years clothing, and even load up on birthday gifts for the year. The longer you wait, the bigger the discount, BUT waiting also means less of a selection.

I am selective about what I buy, even when it comes to clearance. I always ask myself, “Am I really going to use this?” The price may be incredible, and it may be tough to pass up, but if you won’t use it, don’t waste the money.

Make sure you know what you are buying

Although most of the seasonal clearance is in perfect condition, always check. The clearance price on a certain item may be due to defect. You don’t want to buy a defective item, even if it was cheap. When it comes to clothes, I always look for stains, check the seams, and inspect buttons and zippers. With holiday clearance, I always check to make sure all of the pieces are there, that the item isn’t about to expire (Food items), and that everything works.

School Supplies

The school supply clearance is any teachers, or homeschoolers dream. The day after school starts, all of the “Back to School” items go on clearance. They are the exact same products that you will buy in the office supply section, a month later, for full price. The clearance on these items is because of the amount of over stock. It’s taking up too much room, and they need to clear it all out for the Halloween products. LOAD UP! Last year, I was able to supply an entire class with school supplies for less than $20! I homeschool our daughters, and we are set on spiral notebooks, for at least 2 years.

Here’s a quick chart of the best items to shop for on clearance, each season:

Christmas: Candles and baking supplies.

Valentines: Gift bags, more neutral wrapping paper, and bows.

End of Winter: Stock up on winter clothes, sleds, and boots.

End of Summer: This is a great time to buy that swim suit for next year. Tanks, and shorts are also great. Patio furniture is typically 50% off by mid August.

Clearance racks are a great thing. By planning ahead, you can end up saving BIG bucks!


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  1. We always shop Christmas clearance for lights, and we always manage to score pretty good. The stores will put the $20 lights on clearance for $5 or less. =)

    (if you need to replace an artificial tree, it’s not a bad time to check either, and you can also find birthday gifts for next to nothing. I got my daughter a $35 “train box” full of makeup for $10 one year.)

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