The Principles of Shopping With Coupons

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars a year? By following just a few simple strategies, you will do exactly that!

Lets debunk a few of the “Myths” about “Couponing”

Myth: Couponing forces you to eat the same meals, over and over again.

False! With a little planning, you can have a healthy, well rounded menu, that your family won’t get sick of.

Myth: By couponing, you’re going to spend ALL of your free time, clipping, sorting and shopping for the best deals.

False! By spending a few minutes a day, and getting a feel for the stores you frequent, you’ll still have plenty of free time.

Myth: By couponing, you’re going to be doing nothing but feeding your family Junk!

False! By taking a few steps, you are more than able to find fantastic deals on HEALTHY food!

Here’s how to make this work…

Principle 1

Know your Prices! Lets play a little game. Walk over to your refrigerator or pantry, pull out an item, and try to guess the price. Is this an item you know the price of, or is it one of those household staples you buy week in and week out, without actually looking at the price? Get to know the prices for the items you buy on a regular basis. This will help you to recognize a deal when you see one.

Principle 2

Know those Coupons! Stop tossing them into a drawer, or in a pile on your desk. Get them together, and avoid missing expiration dates, or pairing them up with a great sale. If you don’t know what you have, they might as well be pieces of scrap paper. If you DO know what you have, they are just as good as cash, when it comes to your grocery bill.

Principle 3

Know your store loyalty savings, and benefits! Stores aren’t going to throw the savings at you when you walk through the door. You have to look for it. Learn about your stores policy on coupons. Sometimes, you’ll realize that, if you’re shopping to save, this store may not be the one for you. Find out about any doubling, or even tripling policies. Pay attention to “Member only” sales. This is where you become more aware of your shopping, and spending.

After educating yourself on your shopping habits, the prices you pay, and your loyalties, you’ve overcome the tough part of couponing. After this, it’s cake!

Watch next week for part two of “The Principles of Shopping with Coupons”


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  1. i realy save money by using coupons i have done this for over 20yrs. so i know what i am talking about thank you.

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