Making A Household Binder

One of the big things that I recommend to my readers, is to have a household binder. Now, you can buy them, or you can make your own. In some cases, you can buy one for cheaper than the cost to make one. Check around to see what you can find.

If you decide to make one yourself, Think long and hard about what you need to keep in it for your family.


If you own: Make a section for home maintenance. Keep track of all of your home maintenance, whether you do it yourself, or hire out. Keep your records together. This will help prevent headaches when the time comes to find information about a specific project.

Keep your warranties together. In the ones I make, I have a clear pocket to hold those important documents. There’s nothing worse than having your water heater break when it’s under warranty, and not having the papers to prove it.

Home owners insurance. Keep a copy in your household binder for easy accessibility.

If you rent: Keep a copy of your renters insurance, the same as you would your homeowners. If anything happens, you’ll have it there to reference.

Any rental maintenance. We are a military family, and we move a lot. This results in us renting. I keep a log of EVERYTHING that I do at the rental house. I write down when I change filters, if I have to call the landlord for repairs…everything! This was a lifesaver last year when our air conditioner when out, and I have everything written down from changing filters to hosing down the unit.


Use this section for a quick reference budget. If you have an unexpected bill that needs to be paid, add it to this section. I have stamps, envelopes and a checkbook in the pocket for this section. Then if I pull it out, I can put the payment together, and see where our finances are at all times.


This is a great place to keep that “fantastic” carpet cleaner’s number, your plumber, the locksmith, and any other contact you may need. I also have a “frequently called” area at the front so I can easily flip to the page.

Optional Sections

Vehicles: Write down the make and model, your VIN, the license plate number. Keep track of any maintenance, and repairs. Make a copy of your insurance. Keep it all together

Wants and needs: This is a great place to keep a running list of wants and needs to strive for.

Projects: Any project can be broken down in this section.

Put it together to fit your needs.

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