Shopping For The School Year

Summer is half over, the school supplies are hitting the shelves, and you’re dreading putting out the hundreds of dollars that most people spend. I have compiled a list of tips to make the most of your school shopping funds!

Bare Minimum Now, The Rest Later

This is a tip that I live by. Buy the bare necessities right now, and buy the rest after school starts. School supplies go on clearance within a week of school starting. If you can pull off the first week on just a handful of items, when these things go on clearance, you’ll save a bundle! This is also a great time to start planning for next year. If you can afford to, stock up on those items that you know will be used the following year. Some¬†examples¬†are binders, pencils, pens, rulers, spiral notebooks, pencil pouches, book covers.

This is also a great time to load up on school clothes. I know the first day of school is a big event, so buy that one outfit, and save the rest of the clothes shopping for later. Around the time that the school supplies go on clearance, A LOT of clothing goes on clearance. STOCK UP! Buy a few sizes larger than you need. Put them away for later in the year, when the weather permits. If you have some cute summer dresses for your little girl, and can find them for a steal, add a cheap pair of tights, and a turtleneck for a cute, cheap winter outfit. Remember, layering is big right now. You can turn almost any summer outfit into a winter one, if you allow yourself to get creative. If you can afford to stock up at this time, it’s ok. Buy enough to get your child through a few months, and just keep your eyes pealed throughout the year.

Don’t Be Tricked By The $1 Store

I know a lot of people that head right to the $1 Store when it comes to school supply shopping. DON’T! In most cases, you spend more by shopping there.

Here’s an example:

At the $1 Store, everything is a dollar.

At Target, you can buy 4 boxes of real Crayola Crayons, for $1
At Wal-Mart, You can buy TEN spiral notebooks for $1

Using these products, alone, you’ll save $12!

The same goes with most school supplies. This is a good time to avoid the “Dollar” trap!

Stockpile any stationary and office supplies, while the school supplies are out on the shelves. Most of the same office supplies will cost double in the office/Stationary section.

By using these few tips, you will save a bundle, AND be way ahead of the game, come next school year!

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  1. Great advise Tina. My son is out of school now, but I was all ways shocked at the amount of things that he had to have for school. Like the $90 calculator that would get stolen the first week. I stopped buying the calculator after that to just find out they only used it a couple of times a year.

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