Extraordinary Uses Of Ordinary Things

Just when you think there couldn’t be more uses of food and common household items for more than what they’re intended, I’m throwin’ out there another piece for your frugality and enjoyment.

Candy Hearts – You know those chalky candy hearts with cutesy sayings on them that seem to breed in the thousands at Valentine’s Day? Well, chalky is the key word here. Turns out, if you can’t get your hands on regular chalk, these candy hearts can serve the same purpose. Nothing says “I love you” like using these hearts to write just that on a sidewalk.

Dental Floss – Not recommended with the mint-flavored variety; however, unflavored dental floss excels as a cheese slicer.

Apples – If you have tomatoes that aren’t quite ripe, instead of setting them in a window sill, place some apples with them. The apples will make your tomatoes ripen faster.

Dishwasher – This seems rather bizarre but apparently true. You can actually cook a salmon in your dishwasher. However, I strongly point out that should you try this, your dishwasher will positively reek afterwards. You will definitely want to run a cycle after the fact to clean it.

Lemonade – Speaking of cleaning the dishwasher… Use a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid with your regular detergent. This little packet will help clean and deodorize. It should be noted that no other flavors have shown to work, just the lemonade.

Easter Eggs – From Valentine’s Day to Easter, use those plastic Easter eggs to tote around snacks for your little one. Great for long car rides or just to stow one in your child’s lunch box.

Ice Cubes – If you got a loaf of stale bread, try rubbing the top with an ice cube until the loaf is lightly damp. Bake the loaf at 370 degrees for 12 minutes. Your bread should return to normal.

Lollipops – This is not a frugal tip, but fun nonetheless. Instead of a cocktail stirrer, implement a lollipop. It stirs and adds a layer of flavor to any drink.

Marshmallows – Use a small one on a cake or cupcake that has those little birthday candles on it. Stick the marshmallow between the candle and the cake, and it will serve as a wax catcher. Use a handful of regular size marshmallows in a bag of brown sugar to keep the brown sugar soft.

Cupcake Pan – A cupcake pan, with lid, can be hung on a wall and used as a knick knack display case.

Baby Oil – Use baby oil to polish chrome, faucets, and other shiny metal surfaces. Just remember, a dab will do fine; you don’t want residue.

Pam Cooking Spray – Pam has polishing and cleaning abilities. Try a sprits on that stained dry erase board. But not only that, it can be used in place of WD-40 in most cases; example: squeaky door hinges.

Freezer – Sure it’s good to keep food frozen; that’s what it’s made for. But your freezer can also be used to cure stinky shoes. Stinky shoes are caused by us, by bacteria, via our heat and sweat. The freezing temperatures of your freezer kill the bacteria, and therefore kill the shoe odor.

Doilies – Do you like to decorate cakes, but suck at fumbling with a knife or a frosting bag? Next time, cover that cake with a doily; then, sift on some powdered sugar. Gently lift up the doily, and you’re left with a unique design.

Fruit Peels – If you want to make use of an entire piece of fruit (including the peel), there is a solution. This works well with oranges, melons, grapefruit, and any fruit that has a thick husk or peel that can be halved and reused as a bowl. When you have the fruit gutted from the peel, use half the empty shell to serve ice cream or yogurt or Jell-O.

Mayonnaise – Mayonnaise works really well to remove adhesive residue. For example, after peeling a sticker from a mirror, use some mayonnaise to get off the gunk the sticker left behind.

Rice – Ever get your cell phone wet? To dry, take off the battery; then, place it and the cell phone buried in a bed of rice overnight. By morning, the rice should have absorbed all the wetness, and you once again have a dry cell phone.

Stuffed Animals – Small children and accidents go hand in hand. Instead of an ice pack, pull a stuffed animal from the freezer. For bumps and bruises, nothing says recovery like a combination of cool, soothing comfort, and love.

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  1. Mayonnaise is also good for hair conditioner ,put mayo on hair wrap hot towel around for few minutes shampoo as usual .soft hair ….also put rice in salt and pepper shakers to keep from gueing up .love these

  2. mayonaisse is also a remedy for hair lice. use it the same way you would mayonaisse as conditioner…wrap.. after a half hour,comb out nits and lice… wash and repeat every day.. all lice and nits will be dead and gone within 2 or 3 days. much cheaper and more effective than that rid-x stuff in the stores.

  3. Don’t be afraid to cook salmon in the dishwasher. Season it, add some onions, cream cheese, some dill. Make sure you wrap in foil very tightly, put on the top shelf and let it cook for 1 cycle. It comes out soft and juicy. No, you don’t need to use soap. My kids saw me making it and refused to eat until my husband ate it without knowin how I made it. I also made it for company and told them how it was done after dinner.

  4. This isn’t the first I have heard of this method of cooking salmon. I haven’t tried it though. I like to wrap in foil with seasonings and put on the grill, turning after 15 minutes and cook 15 minuts more.

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