Food Fun For Kids

Have you ever noticed that the simple everyday items seem to thrill the kids more than those expensive toys? Check out these fun food Crafts that you can make without spending a fortune. 


Poke a pin sized hole in both ends of an egg, and let your child blow the whites and yolk out. Let them rinse the inside by running water through it. Allow to dry for about an hour. Then have your child decorate the egg with crayons, dyes, glitter paints, ribbon…. eggs aren’t just fun at Easter.


Cut a potato in half. Push a cookie cutter about half way into the cut end of the potato. Use a paring knife to carefully cut around the outside of the cookie cutter. Pat the cut end dry, and use it as stamp. My girls think these are the best things EVER.


This is actually a lot of fun, and you can make an afternoon of it. Take your children to the grocery store and look for pasta that have a hole in them. Pinwheels, macaroni, penne… and other fun shapes. Now swing on over to the yarn or ribbon isle. Grab some pretty ribbon.

When you get home, you can dye the noodles by using a few drops of food coloring and a tablespoon of vinegar. Dip the noodles, let it sit for 30 seconds and remove for drying. Now string the noodles. Viola! A beautiful new necklace.

Pantry Art

You and your child can take a peek in the pantry or refrigerator, and try to find items to make wonderful pieces of art from. For example, you can use spaghetti noodles to decorate the outside of a small cardboard box.

Edible Jewelry

Another kid favorite is edible jewelry. Use Fruit Loops, or Cheerios, and raisins strung on a piece of fishing line, to make a healthier edible necklace or bracelet.

Pudding Paint

This is an easy way to entertain a younger child. Simply mix up a batch of chocolate pudding. Place a piece of paper in front of your child and allow them to finger paint. (I recommend doing this in the kitchen) Once they have finished their piece of art, Allow it to dry overnight. the pudding will give a glossy painted look. My girls have used markers to draw a picture, and then applied the pudding to add more “details, Mommy!”

As you can see, a little creativity can go a long way. These fun crafts will not only be a blast for your little ones, they’ll also be impressed with “Mom’s” creative side!

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  1. These are all inexpensive, great ways for kids to have fun with food, and maybe get picky eaters to try some of these, especially the “cereal necklaces”.

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