Frugal Health Tips

School is back in session, autumn is around the corner, and cold and flu season is slowly creeping upon us. Sometimes getting sick can’t be avoided, especially young children that don’t know yet the importance of sanitation. Or perhaps you have a job where you’re in close proximity to a lot of people. Whatever your situation, staying healthy is important because that means less money spent on healthcare and drugs. Following are a few simple and free ways to keep healthy year round.

Kiss and have sex. Obviously, this tip isn’t meant for the younger crowd. But we adults can improve our immune systems by being more intimate with our partners. Studies show that kissing causes small amounts of bacteria to transfer between the two participants. Hence, our bodies build up tolerances to those bacteria over time, strengthening our immune systems. Sex, on the other hand, can be viewed as just another workout. It promotes heart health, good circulation, healthier skin, and maintains muscle strength and flexibility.

Drink some coffee. Coffee consumed in moderation (about a maximum of 3 cups a day), keeps us alert, focused, and it contains healthy antioxidants. Since lethargy can lead to other health problems, continuing a daily regime of caffeine doesn’t seem so bad. In addition, by drinking the coffee in moderation, there’s no proven studies linked to negative side effects.

Do a fast walk each day. Why a fast walk and not a run? Running can tire you out, and a tired body is more susceptible to viruses. However, doing just a fast walk will get you the exercise you need without wearing you down.

Don’t blow your nose. This could be a hard habit to break especially since we’re taught from birth that blowing our nose, when it’s stuffy, is the right thing to do. Truth is that blowing your nose can actually force mucus back up into your sinuses, either making the cold worse and/or lengthening the duration of the cold. That doesn’t mean you can’t still use tissues, but just use them to wipe your nose, not blow into it.

Heat, heat, and more heat. Viruses have a hard time surviving in very warm temperatures. And by very warm I mean like sitting in a sauna for 15 minutes. If you’re already sick, take hot baths or showers, and use lots of blankets while in bed. Anything you can do to sweat out an illness will only hasten your recovery.

Avoid dry climates. Desert or dry conditions are places where the cold and flu can run amok. If you live in a dry region, consider purchasing a humidifier.

Drink lots of hot fluids. This goes along with the heat, heat, and more heat. Again, you’re just trying to increase your body temperature which will in turn shorten how long you are sick.

Listen to music. Soothing music naturally relaxes us. Because stress can be a huge contributor to illness, taking time to wind down with a favorite song or two can lessen your risk of getting sick.

There’s always the option of over-the-counter medicines or home-concocted remedies for when you’re already sick, but I wanted to point out the things you can do that don’t cost a thing. Plus, an ounce of prevention is worth money not spent at the doctor.

Image Credit: Itsmatrix