40 Uses Of The Paperclip

uses of paperclips

According to recent news, the good old paperclip that we know and love may never be manufactured again. Not to worry, with 11 billion paperclips sold every year in the U.S. (that’s 35 paperclips per individual), we’re not likely to be without it for quite some time. Even more good news… I’ve compiled a list of 40 unusual uses of paperclips. Some uses are practical, some are silly, and some are even money-saving. Take a look.

1. Clean fingernails

2. Hang Christmas tree ornaments

3. Hang Christmas stockings

4. Clean smoking pipes

5. Unclog glue bottles or any bottles with a narrow nozzle

6. Bend into shapes (educational such as alphabet letters or make into artful sculptures)

7. De-stresser (fumble with one to relieve stress or nervousness)

8. Tie clip

9. Egg dipper (one end straight, the other end bent into a circle, cradle the egg in the circle and dip in color)

10. Toothpick (most paperclips are metal, be careful with this one)

11. Paperclip dress (probably true, but I recommend consulting a professional if you try to make one)

12. Hair clip

13. Zipper tab

14. Bread tie

15. Compass (a paperclip that floats can be slightly magnetized and set in still water and be used as a compass)

16. Incense holder

17. Nose weight for paper airplanes

18. Key chain

19. Lock pick (you figure it out)

20. Book mark

21. Lottery ticket scratcher

22. Fish hook

23. Table cloth holder

24. Sun catcher (bend the paperclip straight, then twist one end into a loose coil, then set a marble in the center of the coil, then twist the opposite end around yet another straightened paperclip, attach a handful of these danglies to the straight paperclip, and use a string to hang entire apparatus somewhere sunny)

25. Planter chain (make 3 to 4 paperclip chains to hang a potted plant)

26. Substitute lock for animal cages/carriers

27. Drop a handful into an empty pop can for a game-day noise maker

28. Clean narrow grout

29. Keyboard cleaner

30. Money clip

31. Fine detail paint brush

32. Unclog salt and pepper shakers

33. Picture hanger

34. Tea bag holder (to keep them from falling in)

35. Bag of chips sealer

36. Cherry pit remover

37. Electronics resetter (you know those tiny tiny buttons on some electronics and watches that when pushed reset it? A paperclip is just the right size for the job)

38. Ruler (paperclips do come in different sizes, but those sizes are consistent down to the millimeter. Straighten one out, know the length, and you can use that paperclip to measure other things.)

39. Temporary hinge pin (small and/or lightweight doors preferably)

40. Combine with a rubber band to make a paper football launcher

And there you have it the different ways to use a paperclip! I actually found more than 40 uses when I started this article, but some I found were redundant or unsafe or nonsensical or even unsanitary. So, I plucked what I thought to be the rational ones and put them out there for everyone’s enjoyment. Oh, and in case you thought I missed the obvious… Use #41: Use a paperclip to clip together papers.

Image Credit: guardian.co.uk

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  1. That would be sad if they quit making them. You are quit right they are very useful ..
    The world would miss them

  2. You can also use them if you don’t have a nut washer (ya know, the little round washers you use with nuts and bolts) … works perfectly!

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