Protecting Your Financial Security Around The Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner. For me, that used to be a stressful thought. Christmas is the most expensive time of year for us. We have both of our daughter’s birthdays in December, my husband’s birthday, our Anniversary…. AND then….CHRISTMAS! If I wasn’t a planner, this could have destroyed our finances for a good part of the next year. Here are some ways to plan for Christmas, and avoid that financial stress… even if you’re starting at the end of October.

Make A List Of Who You Plan To Buy For

If you have specific things you’d like to buy for that person, write them down. At the bottom of this “Gift List,” you can add a section for people you plan to send Christmas cards to.

Now that you have a list, go down the list and create a budget for each person. In other words, how much do you plan to spend? Add it up, and look at your total. I bet you didn’t expect it to be as high of a total as it is. Now, this is where you reevaluate your budget. Do you really need to spend $50 for your dentist? You get the point.

Now, how many of those gifts can be made? Yes, it will take you a little time to make certain gifts, but it saves your budget, and honestly, people feel special when you took the time to make something for them.

Now you have a list that is turning into a guideline for your shopping. Take an evening to sit down and think of what you’d like to get everyone on that list. Do a little research… shop online… always check for coupons, or discounts. Starting early enables you to find a cheaper way to buy what you want.

For Stocking Stuffers

Take advantage of all those freebies you’ve been getting. Use them as stocking stuffers. You’ll be surprised at what a fantastic stocking you can create with these. I have taken advantage of all the daily deals sites that offer you a credit for signing up and have been able to get water bottles, hair care items, sunglasses, gift cards, you name it; all of them for REALLY cheap, or free.

Create Gift-Baskets From Samples & Freebies.

Basically, create a basket from all of those samples that have been adding up. Throw in some tissue paper and wrap it in some cellophane and you have a cute basket, worthy of a gift. This also adds some flare to those homemade gifts.

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