Cutting Technology Bills to Save Cash

What do cable, cellphone and Internet bills all have in common? They are expensive bills that the majority of people pay each and every month. Have you really taken the time to add up all the money you spend on these bills each month? You may be surprised to see that you are spending a big portion of your income just to keep your cable, cellphone and Internet services all active. If you are looking to save some money to help pay off debt or put towards retirement, you should be checking into just how much you are spending to pay unnecessary bills like these each month.

Cable television has become standard in numerous homes today. However, with the advent of cable television came another monthly bill for some folks. If you think cable television is a simple necessity, you’ll want to rethink that thought. Cable television is certainly not, nor probably will ever be, a true necessity. Paying $100 a month or more for cable television service is outrageous if you need that money to put towards your debts or to save. If you cancel your cable television service, but still want to see recent television shows and movies, check out either Hulu or Netflix. Both services are available online for less than $25 each per month. These services tend to be considerably cheaper to subscribe to than even a basic cable television channel package.

Cellphones are so commonplace today that it’s odd to hear a person say that he or she doesn’t actually own a cellphone. However, some people are eliminating their monthly cellphone bill because they need that money to pay more important bills or to save for retirement. While cellphones are certainly devices that are convenient to have, they aren’t typically necessary in order to function in the everyday world. As long as you have a home phone, you don’t need to bother with all that texting or calling that you may do from your cellphone. Simply use your basic home phone to call the people that you need to contact. By eliminating your monthly cellphone bill, you can save up to $200 a month, depending on how expensive of a calling and/or data plan you currently have. If you find that you absolutely must have a cellphone, try to switch from a monthly contract calling plan to a prepaid calling plan.

Some people can even do without having the Internet in their home if they are really frugal with their money. Internet bills can cost $10 a month or more, with most Internet bills costing a lot more than $10 a month. If you are able to use the free Wi-Fi that is available in a lot of coffee shops and libraries to connect to the Internet, you can put the money that you would’ve spent on your Internet bill into a savings account each month.

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