Free 8×10 Photo Enlargement @ Walgreens


UPDATE #2: According to our facebook fan Karen,  you can place two orders separately and use FREE4ME on each 8X10 order

UPDATE: You can also use the code FREE4ME2 to score another one (you have to do separate orders) 🙂

Note: Code is good until May 12th

  1. Click here to visit the Walgreens site and login in register
  2. Search “Enlargements” on the next page
  3. Click it
  4. Click “Order Now”
  5. Upload and select your photo
  6. Click “Add To Cart”
  7. Choose 1 8×10 and then “Add to Cart”
  8. Enter the promotion code FREE4ME at the bottom and then click upload total. It should now be $0.00
  9. Click checkout, and choose in-store pickup
  10. Finally just complete the checkout process :)
Image Credit: Walgreens; Thanks BeBe!

6 thoughts on “Free 8×10 Photo Enlargement @ Walgreens”

  1. thanks i got mine. i love when walgreens does these promotional things. That’s usually what keeps me going back…

  2. I figured it out. When you order a second enlargement, enter the same code FREE4ME. Do NOT use FREE4ME2 as the update above advises. That code is invalid. And again…thanks for giving us this great website.

  3. Thank you ! It accepted both codes and I got both 8x10s ! they keep me coming back with their promos since that is where I have my photos stored.

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