Best Ways To Save Money On Gas

by Sarah C

These days, everyone wants to save money. With the state the economy is in, a recession that sees many Americans out of work, this is smart as you can make the most out of your money. Even if you are not unemployed or under-employed and earn a good salary, it is still wise to be economical when you go shopping or spend your money on entertainment and necessities. There are always measures you can take to saving money that can result in having a good amount to stock away in the bank or elsewhere.

If you drive, you will have to spend your money on gas on occasion. Whether you drive to and from work on a daily basis or if you drive long distances on a regular basis, the cost of gas can really add up. If you own a smartphone, it would benefit you to download the free app Gas Buddy to your device. This app is available for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android phones and works wonders in locating the cheapest prices on gas throughout the United States and Canada via GPS. Whether you tend to drive in your own area or if you travel frequently by car for work or pleasure, it will save you a lot of money every time you stop to fill up your gas tank. You can even earn a $250 gas gift card as the company that provides the app holds weekly prize giveaways. There are other apps that are similar that can be downloaded, but Gas Buddy is widely hailed as being the best.

Even without an app on your phone, you can find the best prices on gas by shopping around. While you are driving or even when walking, take notice of the prices of gas at the gas stations you pass. Certain gas stations will have cheaper prices, such as those that offer self-service. Avoid full service stations as much as you can because those tend to be pricier.

Driving with a few coworkers and carpooling to work is a great way to save money on gas. If there are a few different people you carpool with to and from your place of employment, consider switching off who will drive the group in their car week to week.

When you are idling in your car, it can waste precious fuel, which means you will make more frequent trips to the gas station. If you have to double park or sit in your car to wait for a passenger, turn off your engine. Use your vehicle’s air conditioner as minimally as possible. For instance, if you are stuck in traffic on the highway during the summer, you should consider keeping your air conditioning off as it will run longer than if you are moving at normal speed and therefore waste your fuel.

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