Not Seeing Hot Freebies On Your Facebook Newsfeed? Here’s The Fix

You might have noticed that you’re not seeing updates from certain pages or friends on your facebook newsfeed anymore. Long story short, Facebook made several changes that effect what you see in your newsfeed. How often you interact, how popular something is, etc. all effect it. I had lots of Sample Stuff readers ask how they could see our facebook page updates again. If you’re not seeing updates, you could lose out on lot’s of freebies, especially the ones that go super quick, so I figured I’d make a step-by-step post on how to fix it. 🙂

The Fix

1. Well first things first, click here to visit our page and “like” us

2. Click the like button again and make sure “See in newsfeed” has a check in front of it.

2. Now click the “wheel” next to the like button

3. Click “Add to Interest Lists”

4. Click “New List”

5. Click “Next”

 6. Enter a name for your list and click “done”(I just wrote

7. Done! This should put it back in your newsfeed

Image Credit: facebook