Repurposing Old Clothes

By Samantha C

Are you wondering what to do with your old clothes that you no longer wear? Repurpose these pieces by turning them into easy to make home decor pieces. It is a creative way to enhance your decor for little to no cost. Before beginning any of these projects, wash and iron your old clothing pieces.


Cut two squares from your piece of old clothing. Cut one square from an old blanket or piece of batting. Place the two fabric squares right sides together on top of your batting piece. Sew around the edges of the squares and batting, leaving an approximate three inch opening at the end. Turn inside out. Sew the opening closed, then sew a 1/4 inch border around the outside of the potholder. Sew a plastic bone ring to the corner of your potholder.


Remove the back from a square picture frame. Measure all sides of the frame. Add a 1/4 inch to each measurement number. Cut a square from your piece of clothing the size of the measurement numbers with the added 1/4 inch border. Place your fabric centered on the front of the frame back. Glue your fabric piece to the backing by gluing the ends so that they wrap around the back. Put the frame together. For added beauty, glue dried flowers to the center of your fabric picture. You could also add elegance to the picture by attaching your rhinestone pins throughout the piece of fabric for a display that would be both functional and beautiful. Printed fabrics work best for this repurposed clothing project.


Make a heart template from paper. Trace and cut two hearts from your repurposed piece of clothing. Place both fabric heart pieces right sides together. Sew or glue the edges of the heart together, leaving an approximate two inch opening at the end. Turn inside out, then stuff with batting and potpourri. Sew or glue opening closed. Recycle your old fabric dryer sheets by stuffing them in your sachet for fragrance instead of using potpourri.


Cut two large squares from your piece of clothing. Place both fabric squares right sides together. Sew around the square edges, leaving an approximate three inch opening at the end. Turn inside out. Stuff with batting, then sew the opening closed. Sew tassels or beading around the edges of your pillow for added elegance.

Turning refurbished clothing into lovely pieces for the home is a creative way to enhance your decor. These decor pieces also make creative and affordable all-occasion gifts or stocking stuffers.

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  1. Some great ideas.I always have an old shirt.Now I know what to do with it.Gives me something to do while I stay at home,bored.Thanks

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