19 Coupons That Came Out Today

Here’s a bunch of new coupons that were released today on Coupons. Click here to browse or just visit the links below to be automatically directed to the coupon:


  1. Buy (1) Diet Pepsi 2-Liter, Get (1) Free
  2. $1.00 off Any One T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Snack
  3. $0.40 off Campbell’s Condensed soups
  4. $3.00 off 10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
  5. $1.00 off any one Orbit or 5 Gum Grab & Go Pack
  6. $1.00 off any full-size Pure Shine hair product
  7. $1.00 off any full-size Jhirmack hair care product
  8. $1.00 off any ONE (1) bag of 9Lives dry cat food
  9. $3.00 off any bag of Rachel Ray Food for Dogs


  1. $1.25 off when you buy any ONE (1) New Go Intense! Product
  2. $1.50 off when you buy any ONE (1) New Au Naturale Product
  3. $2.25 off when you buy any ONE (1) Dark and Lovely OR Optimum Product
  4. $2.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) New AMLA Relaxer Kit



SavingStar Grocery eCoupons

  1. Ore-Ida® is a family favorite any night of the week! Put smiles around your table and save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any Ore-Ida® Frozen Potatoes.. Expires 4/17/2013. Save $5.00.
  2. Save $5.00 when you spend $15.00 on all® laundry detergent. From your family’s sensitive skin to toughest stains, all® has you covered. Buy all® free clear and new all® stainlifter, now with In-Wash Pre-Treaters*, and you’re all set for any laundry.. Expi
  3. Buy 1 Diamond Crystal Salt Sense, Save 35¢. Expires 3/13/2013. Save $0.35.
  4. Buy 1 Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, Save 40¢. Expires 3/13/2013. Save $0.40.
  5. Buy 1 Diamond Crystal Sea Salt, Save 40¢. Expires 3/13/2013. Save $0.40.