61 Free Kindle Books For 2/24 (Can Be Read On Other Electronics)


Here’s another round of free books for Kindle. As always keep in mind these aren’t actually just for Kindle. You can also read these on lots of other devices like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Click here for more information on that.

*Amazon prices can change, especially for free kindle books, so make sure its still free before you add it to your cart. If somethings no longer free, just me know in the comments below and I’ll mark it 🙂


  1. Gypsy Spirit: What My Boat Taught Me About Love And Life
  2. War Stories: An Enlisted Marine In Vietnam
  3. Roxanna Britton: A Biographical Novel
  4. Thin Wire: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s heroin addiction


  1. Automated Marketing For Entrepreneurs: The Marketing Strategy to Increase Revenue, Boost Lead Generation, Get Customers, and Increase Sales

Children’s / Teen’s Books

  1. The Magical Train
  2. 21 Fun Thanksgiving Stories for 4-8 Years Olds
  3. Goodnight Farm Animals
  4. The Leopard Tree
  5. Mark of the Dragon Queen
  6. The Faithful Kiss (The Kiss Series)
  7. Princess Kiah Three Books in One (Princess Kiah Series)
  8. The Lands
  9. No Ordinary Hero (Keepers of Justice, Book 1)


  1. The Dragon Bone Flute (A Novella of Music and Magic)
  2. First Chosen (Tears of Rage Series #1)
  3. CATACLYSM: Return of the Gods
  4. Crystal Warrior (Legend Of The Crystals)
  5. Michael’s Irish Magic


  1. Smitten at First Sight: A Contemporary Romance Novel
  2. Going Dental in New Jersey
  3. The Girl on the Ferry
  4. A Winter Dandelion
  5. Courageous: A Novel


  1. Helmet Head
  2. The Vivisectionist
  3. A Fine Cast of Characters
  4. Fighting To Live (Zombie Overload Series)
  5. After the Fire (After the Fire: Book the First)


  1. Musings of a Corporate Voyeur
  2. The Brothers Crunk
  3. Turds in the Punch Bowl (A Story of No Ordinary Friendship)
  4. Ginger the Gangster Cat (Ginger the Cat)
  5. After the Dog Died


  1. How to Stretch a Chicken: 42 recipes to make the most of a whole chicken, leftover turkey, or even pesky squirrels (Cooking Adventures of a Thrifty Mama)
  2. Irish Drink Recipes and Irish Toasts For St. Patrick’s Day And All Year ‘Round!
  3. Touchdown Treats! Quick & Easy Dip and Cheese Ball Recipes for a Winning Party
  4. 30 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes – Fabulous Easy Vegetarian Slow cooker Recipes (Vegetarian Cookbook and Vegetarian Recipes Collection)
  5. Skinny Desserts: Over 40 Scrumptious & Guilt-free Cakes, Cookies, and Pastry Recipes for Bikini Season
  6. 21 Classic Italian Pasta Recipes (Delicious Authentic Italian Pasta Recipes Plus 2 Tomato Sauce Recipes)


  1. Under a Texas Star
  2. Fatty Patty (A James Bay Novel)
  3. The Most Important Catch
  4. Blue Violet (Book #1 of the Svatura Series)
  5. Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy)
  6. The Gamester
  7. Drip Drop Teardrop

Science Fiction

  1. Metal Deep: Episode 1 – Damsels in Distress
  2. Seer of Mars (The Vallar Series)
  3. The Journey Begins (The Long Journey Home)
  4. The Thunderchild Fables
  5. Omegasphere

Thriller And Mystery

  1. The Angry Woman Suite
  2. The Dead Room
  3. From Manhattan with Love: A Novella (The Fifth Avenue Series)
  4. The Devil’s Pitchfork (Derek Stillwater thrillers)
  5. Two Peasants and a President
  6. Yellow Eyes (The Guardian Saga)
  7. Hollywood Swinging
  8. His Reluctant Bodyguard (Adventure Cruise Line)
  9. The Adventures of Chloe A Chihuahua: A New Beginning
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