Enter To Win 1 Of 1,260 Prizes From Twizzlers (Shirts, Candy, + More)


Note: Mobile users might have to select the view desktop option to see the tab. Also if you’re uncomfortable allowing an app, keep in mind you can make a separate facebook just for freebies.

Click here to visit the Twizzlers facebook and like them. Then on the “Ultimate Man Of Steel Getaway” tab, click the play button. Allow their app (you can delete it right after – directions below) and answer their question. Finally click “Enter The Sweepstakes” and fill out the form. There will be a total of 1,260 winners. You can enter this one daily through July 6th.

Week 1 Prizes (100): TWIZZLERS Candy

Week 2 Prizes (100): Hollywood Movie Money awarded in the form of one (1) Hollywood Movie Money Certificate from Hollywood Movie Money*.

Week 3 Prizes (250): MAN OF STEEL Movie Poster

Week 4 Prizes (100): Twizzlers “For You and Your Nemesis”

Week 5 Prizes (250): Twizzlers/MAN OF STEEL T-Shirt

Week 6 Prizes (100): MAN OF STEEL Sweatshirt

Week 7 Prizes (100): Twizzlers/MAN OF STEEL Beach Towel

Week 8 Prizes (5): “Hollywood Movie Money® for a Year” awarded in the form of fifty-two (52) Hollywood Movie Money Certificates from Hollywood Movie Money*

Week 9 Prizes (250): Twizzlers/MAN OF STEEL T-Shirt

Week 10 Prizes (5): Invincible Summer Prize Pack

Want To Delete An App?

  1. On your facebook homepage, click the wheel next to your name on the top right
  2. Click “Privacy Settings”
  3. Click “Apps”
  4. Finally just click the x button to anything you’d like to remove
Image Credit: Twizzler