1st 90,000: Free Biore Deep Cleansing Sample Packs


UPDATE: Their app is starting to slow down from traffic, so it might take some patience and refreshing

Note: Mobile users might have to select the view desktop option on your phone to see the tab

1. Click here to visit their facebook app and click “Reward my Routine”

2. Register to become a Biore Prove It member and they’ll give you 50 points

3. Click “Redeem Points” at the top

4. Where it says “Deep Cleansing Sample Pack (Single Use Samples),” click get it now and fill out the form

Done! Allow 10-12 weeks for delivery by mail according to their site.

Want To Delete An App?

  1. On your facebook homepage, click the wheel next to your name on the top right
  2. Click “Privacy Settings”
  3. Click “Apps”
  4. Finally just click the x button to anything you’d like to remove
Image credit: biore