Free Sample of Prilosec OTC

Their site was down for a bit earlier, but this seems to be working again. Click here to visit the Prilosec site and fill out the form see if you qualify for a sample of Prilosec OTC. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

From their site “Prilosec OTC® provides all-day, all-night protection against frequent heartburn. That’s zero heartburn for 24 hours with just one pill a day.* With Prilosec OTC®, you won’t get frequent heartburn in the first place. One pill a day. 24 hours. Zero heartburn.* With just one Prilosec OTC® pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn before it begins for a full 24 hours with zero heartburn. So you can get through the day – and rest at night – without the worry of heartburn flare-ups on your mind.*”

Image Credit: Prilosec