Enter To Win 1 Of 650 Free Prizes From Chuck E. Cheese (Pizza Cutters, Aprons, + More)

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Click here to visit the Chuck E Cheese facebook and like them. Then on the “Play With Your Food” tab, fill out the form. They’ll then tell you if you’ve instantly won 1 of 650 prizes. If you’re not a winner, no worries because you’ll still be entered to win a free Kitchen Suite or $5,000 Walmart gift card. Good luck!

Entry limit: Daily
Ends: December 15th

Instant Win Prizes

150 winners – a kuzil krazy measuring cup set

150 winners – pizza cutter

100 winners – caterpillar spatula, giraffe whisk, alligator rolling pin, whale measuring cup and diver spoon

100 winners – assorted animal aprons

100 winners – a chef’s hat

50 winners – 25 Chuck E. Cheese tokens