Save Big on Coffee Products at

Life really is Good! I’m sure you guys remember the Life is Good post we ran last week. Well, we wanted to remind everyone that the Life Is Good clearance sale is still running until the end of June (which is days away). Doesn’t time fly? In case you missed it, that sale is 10% off the already discounted clearance prices. Pretty cool, right? Anyway, you can check the sale here.
You’re getting a two for one post today! We also wanted to tell you guys about a new sale Life is Good is running. Coffee lovers rejoice and save big on coffee products at! The sale has some great deals on coffee and mugs at Even better, they’re offering free shipping for a limited time as well!
  • 2 Mugs and a bag of coffee for only $20! Offer is valid while supplies last; click here
  • 3 Bags of Coffee for just $20! Offer valid while supplies last at click here
  • Or, maybe you just want to try one bag of coffee right now? Click this link to get single bag of fresh coffee for just $7.99. You do have to pay the shipping. But, that’s a super low price for gourmet coffee, so it’s a great deal. Offer valid while supplies last.